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French Fries Vending Machine

Vending machine of French fries baked in a convection oven!

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Why French Fries ?

Delicious transformation of the potato, they are very often present in all circumstances.
Whether it’s consuming it at the funfair, at the market, at the chip shop, at the flea market, the ones you take during an evening with friends, or when you go to see a football match, it is the star of daily specials and the best friend of fast food.
Made from potatoes, ideally the Bintje, for its floury side, the consumption of French fries in France per year and per inhabitant is estimated at 55 kg.

In 2009 and 2010 out of a million tons of potatoes, two-thirds of these tubers were transformed into French fries.

Are you beginning to understand our interest?

What is their origin ?

Although the potato originated in Chile and Peru and was made famous in France by Parmentier, you may not believe it, but the fries originated in…PARIS!

It was in the 1780s that donut sellers settled on the Pont Neuf in Paris. They would have innovated the dipping of slices of potatoes in a frying and offer them mainly around theaters.

Half a century later, the potato has become the symbol of popular cuisine, especially in Paris.

It is found in all plays, books, songs, and everything relating to the people of Paris.

The shape of the stick will appear in the capital about ten years later, around 1840.

Frederik Krieger, a Bavarian immigrant, learned to make this delicious dish in Montmartre two years later. Then, on the strength of his experience, he set up as a fairground stallholder in Belgium and opened the first authentic fries stand in the country.

It took almost 100 years for it to become popular, thanks in particular to Belgium, which forged its culture with the creation of the mussel and fries, the chip bar, and the accompaniment of mayonnaise.

The first French fries vending machine was born in Belgium

It is therefore no surprise that the first vending machine for fries was installed in Belgium.

In 2015, a university in the Netherlands also installed its vending machine for its students.

The purpose of this vending machine is to meet the needs of students in universities, but not only: the machine allows employees to get supplies quickly, friends to stop for a snack in the street before their football match, or after, etc.

Designed to be quiet and contrary to popular belief, odorless, the machine can be installed both indoors and outdoors, available to passers-by or employees.

Why choose a French fries vending machine?

The fries vending machine is a one-of-a-kind product.

We can therefore easily imagine it joining catering areas in hotels, bars, or even public spaces such as stations to facilitate snacking.

Automatic distribution is a way to increase customer pleasure by responding to their desire almost instantly.

Catering and hospitality professionals see the machine as a way to maintain or increase their output since the machine is available 24/7.

Other professionals see the dispenser as a way to make waiting time less annoying.

It is also a 24-hour offer when other catering outlets are closed.

How does it work ?

The fries are stored frozen in the dispenser, separately.

As soon as the payment is made, a portion of about 100 grams goes into the oven for about 2 minutes.

The motor will then overturn the fries tray in a crate, then everything is then served in a recyclable bowl.

The machine provides sauce and mayonnaise, salt and pepper.

In terms of maintenance, you just have to check that fries do not get stuck in the endless screw that goes from the freezer to the oven.

A very simple manipulation that can be done in a few minutes.

Why does it work?

  • Single product
  • Worldwide patent
  • 4 years of research and development

The concept of the vending machine and the registered trademark belong to MMC Groupe company registered in Spain.

Leasing Price

558 euros excluding tax per month

From Girona – Spain, you must add the price of transport and the marking of the box.

* Based on a 60 month rent. Our leasing partner Grenke offers financial rental of the French fries vending machine because it is an alternative solution to traditional purchase. This solution offers investors the possibility of renting their equipment and financing their investments while benefiting from advantageous conditions such as, for example, optimizing their cash flow.

This price may change due to the price of raw materials such as electronic cards and components that are part of the operation of the machine, but also the steel that is found in the frame or the carcass, and finally, the cost of transport between Asia and Europe with fluctuations in the Dollar – Euros exchange rate (most likely).

FRENCH FRIES vending machine - 2023

This is our latest video of the hot air oven french fries vending machine.

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French Fries Vending Machine
French Fries Vending Machine
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