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Vending Machine for Paninis

558 € Excl. VAT / month


Paninis Vending Machine

Panini vending machine

Project under construction

French fries with sauce

558 € Excl. VAT / month

 Starting at

French Fries V. Machine

French Fries Vending Machine: NEW

UNIQUE concept!

Gastronomic vending machine

440 € Excl. VAT / month

Hot Snacking


Hot Food

The youngest!

Pizza vending machine

893 € Excl. VAT / month

Starting at

Pizzas Vending Machine

Pizzas vending machine

Second Hand machine for sale

Ice cubs vending machine

558 € Excl. VAT / month

 Starting at

Ice Cubs V. Machine

Ice Cubs Vending Machine: The 1st

UNIQUE concept!

Fresh fruit in a cold snack vending machine

270 € Excl. VAT / month

 in Progress

Cold Snack

Fresh Products

Conventional !

engineers at work

This is just a selection of vending machines that we distribute because we have other ideas in mind!

We are professionals in the automatic distribution of food and non-food products in the international market.

At the moment, we are developing a unique concept: the FRIES vending machine: it’s an incredible product!

We also offer distributors of panini, pizzas, ice cubes (the new concept is coming), croque-monsieur, drinks, salads, etc…

We are at your disposal and suggestions to develop the vending machine of your dreams, as far as possible!

We also have used machines. Take a look at our dedicated page by clicking here and you can discover our range sold at the best price.

You are well aware that the food vending machine market is growing rapidly as people are increasingly interested in convenient and healthy food options. So if you are interested in the vending machine market, you are sensitive to this new market.

These new vending machines will give you a great way to promote your business in a local or regional market for example.

Every week, we take stock with our technical partners to check the progress of our projects or our prototypes. We want to be the first on the vending machine market and we don’t give ourselves the means: human, ethical, financial, strategic, commercial.

Working with us is the guarantee of meeting enthusiasts of vending machines with a small difference compared to the competition, it is that we offer original vending machines!

Interdit ! Forbidden !
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