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We are recognized experts

Our Services

We are vending machine professionals.


We scoured Asia to meet qualified and certified engineers.

Our services and concepts are developed by qualified and certified engineers. We regularly travel to Asia to meet them. We exchange regularly for the technological advances of we ask them. A vending machine is filled with electronics and mechanical parts to be able to deliver the expected product to you.


Our vending machines are original.

We work tirelessly to develop vending machine concepts that you won’t see anywhere else.

We are constantly thinking to offer you original machines with the notion of financial profitability so that your investment is as regular as possible.

A Calendar

A summer or winter season is anticipated in case you do not have a "city" activity.

We also work in the tourism sector so the delivery of vending machines is anticipated. nothing more frustrating than not having your vending machine in time and therefore losing the season!

These are situations that we anticipate.


Technology and innovation are our driving forces for creating the next vending machine.

What could be more normal than being at the cutting edge of technology with vending machines?

The relationship we have with Asian engineers allows us to stay ahead of the competition.

We also travel to discover new concepts and from there come new ideas.


The design of your vending machine is an important element compared to the competition.

Our team of technicians will work with you to develop your future vending machine. Our design will make you stand out from the competition.

If you wish to have your own marking or branding on your machines, you are free to do so. This can be an advantage over the vending machines you already own.



Create a vending machine with baked fries? You had to think about it!

I love this innovative concept: BRAVO

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Jason Smith

Your recommendations have helped boost my business revenue to new heights. Thank you !

I want to congratulate you and acknowledge your tremendous success in vending!

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Johanna Suki

Vous pensez toujours à des façons nouvelles et différentes d’aborder un problème, votre perspective unique et originale est un atout formidable pour mon entreprise.

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Sarah Jones

We develop your vending machine

Vending machine for fries, paninis, croque-monsieur, kebab, hot dishes, ice bags and many other concepts to come

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