Gastronomic vending machine

A distributor of cooked gourmet products: ready meals, pizzas, sandwiches or any other freshly baked product!

Gastronomic vending machine

Hot food snacking

A very practical concept!

We offer you an automatic hot vending machine which, thanks to its reheating module, allows you to deliver cooked meals, hot sandwiches such as hot dogs or burgers, pizzas, fresh cooked products, etc. according to the chosen heating temperature. straight out of a microwave. Our concept, very practical and easy to use, adapts to your needs and allows you to quickly find a variety of hot meals. An innovative system that promises you dishes that are always fresh and tasty! Discover now our automatic hot dispenser with integrated heater to enhance your kitchen!

It is therefore possible to choose the heating temperature of each product to preserve its original flavor. Each product will come out of the oven so that their consumption will be immediate.

Inside the vending machine, there is the storage part for fresh products. Depending on the size of your products, you can offer between 80 and 100 units for delivery.

Our Gastronomic vending machine is the complete solution for the distribution of all types of hot dishes and foods in an optimal state of preparation and of the highest quality.

It is robust, quiet and easy to use. Its bold design fits perfectly into all types of decor and offers a true gastronomic experience!

Foods are heated evenly to retain their authentic flavors. Integrated warming systems ensure hot dishes are ready to serve in record time. Our vending machine is reliable, safe and environmentally friendly thanks to its energy-efficient design. You can easily configure it to meet your specific needs and place between 80 and 100 units to be delivered. We are committed to providing superior after-sales support and timely maintenance to ensure your complete satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about our gourmet vending machine!

Gastronomic vending machines are available in Spain on the Costa Brava; You must therefore arrange for transport and delivery at your expense, otherwise you can pick up on site.

Sales price without financing: 20,000 euros excluding tax + marking + transport or a leasing solution: 440 euros excluding tax / month + transport*

* Based on a 60 month rent. Our leasing partner Grenke offers financial rental of the Gastronomique vending machine because it is an alternative solution to traditional purchase. This solution offers investors the possibility of renting their equipment and financing their investments while benefiting from advantageous conditions such as, for example, optimizing their cash flow.

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