Our first delivery

Our first delivery

Our first delivery of fries, gourmet and pizza vending machines is eagerly awaited!
After long waits for maritime transport, customs, European administrative hassles, technical details imposed on import, our first distributors have arrived.

These are only the first containers arriving because other machines are being manufactured.

As you may know, vending machines are revolutionizing the world of retail. More and more businesses and businesses are turning to these machines to deliver products 24/7. But how exactly do they work?

First of all, you should know that vending machines are machines that allow the sale of products without the help of an employee. They can be installed anywhere: in a train station, an airport, a shopping center or even on the street.

The principle is simple: the user chooses the product they wish to purchase by pressing a corresponding button. The machine will then check if the product is available and if the user has the necessary amount to make the purchase. If this is the case, the product will be delivered through a hatch provided for this purpose.

But how can vending machines know if a product is available or not? This is done using a computer management system which monitors the stocks available in the machine in real time. When a product is sold, it is automatically deducted from stock to avoid stockouts.

In addition, these machines are equipped with secure payment systems. Users can pay in cash, by credit card or even with their smartphone using contactless technology. This provides great flexibility to consumers and facilitates transactions.

Vending machines are no longer just for snacks and drinks. One can now find a variety of products such as sandwiches, fruits, hygiene products, electronic accessories and even medicines in these smart machines.

More and more merchants are opting to install vending machines as they offer 24/7 service. This allows consumers to have access to essential products even outside of normal store opening hours.

Besides, vending machines are also very convenient for businesses. They allow employees to easily access snacks and drinks without having to leave their workplace, which can increase their productivity.

Additionally, these machines often come equipped with features such as support for multiple languages ​​and the ability to choose between different product sizes or flavors. This makes the user experience even more pleasant and convenient.

Vending machines can also be a solution for people with food allergies or special diets. Gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options are increasingly available in these machines, providing a wider choice for consumers with specific needs.

Finally, vending machines are often equipped with modern payment systems such as credit cards or contactless payment. This makes transactions much easier and allows users to not have to carry cash with them.

In short, vending machines are a practical and useful innovation for consumers. Whether for a coffee break, a quick snack or a full meal, they offer an easy and accessible solution at any time of the day. With their wide choice of products, their practicality and their options adapted to individual needs, vending machines are definitely an option to consider in our daily lives. So why not try one during your next lunch break or after a workout? You will surely be surprised by the quality and convenience they offer! 

Are you interested in purchasing or leasing a vending machine for fries, pizzas, paninis, gourmet or ice cubes?

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