A preview for french fries with our vending machine

A vending machine for french fries cooked in a convection oven: a unique concept

Do you like french fries? What if I told you that there is a vending machine that can cook them for you, fresh and hot? You would no longer have to wait in line at your favorite restaurant or fast food chain. Now you can have your french fries at the push of a button.

This new vending machine concept is currently being tested in the town of L’Escala – Costa Brava in Spain. Since it’s popular, it might be coming to a location near you soon. So keep your eyes peeled for the next big thing in snacking!


Get your favorite fries in an instant with our revolutionary new vending machine! Our hot and crispy baked fries have been a hit with customers as they taste great without the fuss. All you have to do is press a button, then insert cash or a card to pay for your order. The fries are ready in minutes for you to enjoy. The unique concept of a vending machine that sells baked fries will revolutionize the fast food industry like never before. So don’t waste any more time – come and discover our vending machine and get your delicious baked fries today!

Machine Operation

The machine has been designed and manufactured to the highest professional standards and is capable of delivering top notch results. It uses a sophisticated combination of state-of-the-art automated processes that are managed by intuitive software and state-of-the-art electronics for optimized performance that exceeds all industry benchmarks. Its superior build quality ensures precise and long-lasting operation with minimal maintenance. The machine has been specifically designed to provide its operators with unprecedented results in the most efficient way possible, making it the perfect choice for any business that wants to stay one step ahead of its competition.


Vending machines have long been a convenience asset, providing customers with snacks and drinks without having to wait in line. The latest advances in vending machines have made it possible to go even further. This new type of vending machine offers freshness and easy access to a variety of snacks and drinks. With the ability to keep products chilled or heated as needed, consumers can now purchase meals and beverages that are freshly prepared in minutes. These machines use modern technologies such as contactless payment systems to facilitate ordering, an interactive touch screen interface for better usability and LED lighting for better visibility.


Eating fries doesn’t have to be a boring activity. Mix up your habits by trying different combinations of sauces and seasonings. For example, you can dip your fries in ketchup or mayonnaise for a classic combination or mix them with salsa for a spicier twist. Try adding herbs like basil and oregano, a little grated cheese or even bits of bacon to give the fries a crunch. If you want to be more fancy, there are also gourmet sauces like ranch BBQ and Cajun remoulade that will surely turn your ordinary fries into something extraordinary. Satisfy your fries cravings today with these exciting twists on regular fries – perfect for those nights when you have no choice!

Come and test

We have worked hard to develop this innovative new concept and now we need your help! It’s a great opportunity to be part of the process, so come and experience it. Test the concept by coming to l’Escala where our showroom is located, 34 Avinguda de Montgo and let us know your opinion. We appreciate all feedback, no matter how small, and strive to make the user experience as pleasant as possible for everyone. Join us to pave the way for progress!

We talked about the exciting concept of innovative vending machines that make and dispense convection oven fries. This unique form of snacking revolutionizes the traditional vending machine, as these delicious fries are always freshly cooked for your greatest pleasure. Thanks to the high quality ingredients used, you can enjoy a hint of European cuisine with this uncommon snack. To top it off, there are plenty of ways to enjoy these delicious fries, from dipping them in ketchup or mayonnaise to sprinkling them with salt and pepper. We encourage our readers to take an interest in this new concept and send us their comments. If you are interested in this unique idea, do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to come and meet us on site! Until then, savor every bite!

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Our showroom in l'Escala - Costa Brava - Spain
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